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Week 1: Log into the wiki and make an edit. If you don't know which page to edit, try the sandpit - you should do these things: make a new page, make a link to your new page, add a heading to your page

Week 2: Choose a lecture from the course outline [here] which hasn't been made into a page. Make it a page. Add the topics from the course outline document.

Week 3: Find a topic which hasn't had a lot written about yet. Write three lines introducing / explaining it. You might want to look at [Recent Changes] to get an idea of what has been updated recently.

Week 4: Add a sentence explaining how your choosen topic relates to another topic (and link to that other topic)

Week 5: Think of what else your topic needs, add a "to do" item or a question about the topic.

Week 6: Pick someone else's todo item, or question, and try and do some of it

Week 7: Reading week = wiki gardening. This means you browse the wiki and look for something you can tidy up: spelling errors, funny formatting, deleting multiple entries. This makes the wiki better for everyone, and means you get familiar with the general information on the site.

Weeks 8-15: Repeat weeks 3 to 7! It is as valuable to reorganise the material already on the wiki as it is to add new content. Also essential is to think about what you would like to read - add your questions and "to do" suggestions so other people have some inspiration.

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