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The study groups are the same as the PSY259 groups. Study groups meet once per week from from week 3, in one of four scheduled slots. These are Mondays at 4, Tuesdays at 10am Thursday at 4pm and 5pm, in Information Commons room B20

If your group moves the time or place it meets please update the wiki so everyone in the group is clear on this

If you don't know about using CTRL + F now is a good time to learn

 If you want to move your group time, read this:  
 These are the constraints: The room holds 40 people, that's about 5 groups of 8. 
 So if you want your group to move to another slot you need to find a group to swop with (you could put a note on the wiki). 
 You also need to agree the move with your group (why not email them all). 
 If you want to meet at another time or a place, you can organise this (but I cannot book rooms for you). 
 If you want to move groups, these are the constraints:
 Which group will you move to? Are they happy to have you?
 If you can find a solution that meets these constraints, go for it!


Mondays at 4

group 1

Kaur Kirandeep; Kelly Eilis; Kent Lauren; Keynes Rachel; Kim Yoon; Kisbey Jennifer; Knight Jenny;

group 2

HU Tian; Williams Laura; Wilson Daisy; Wisson Louise; Woolley Olivia; Wright Emily; Wu Yun;

group 3

Lai Anna; Lam Po; Lau Fu Chun; Lee Donggun; Letherby Abigail; Li Qi; Li Xianan; Lamin Katy;

group 4

Slater Jade; Slaughter Fabia; Smales Kendal; Smith Sophie; Springhall Francesca; Stokes Alastair;

group 5

Akhtar Rieanah; Alghali Hannah; Armstrong Rebecca; Ashby Rebekah; Atherton Elizabeth; Azhar Hafizah; Barrett Laura; Baynham Darcey;

Tuesdays at 10am

group 6

Naaz Rucksar; Norwood Megan; Pajedaite Simona; Patel Chandni; Perry Stephanie; Persson Sofia; Phillips Nicola;

group 7

Buksztel Leanne; Cooke Jacob; Burley Jane; Bushell Hannah; Cantrill Eve; Chambers-Ostler Eliot; Chawawa Munyaradzi; Lane Chloe;

group 8

Copsey Benjamin; Crawford Diane; Davies Eigra; De Val Hannah; Dimaki Maria; Morton Rebecca; Sutcliffe Chantelle; Hobson Beth

group 9

Dixon Benjamin; Dutch Edward; Ellis Claire; Ellis Jessica; Evans Chelsea; Fidler Chloe; Fleming Hollie;

group 10

Low Deborah Jian Wen; Patel Neekita Yagnesh Kumar; Rooney Alicia; Routh Alexandra; Scott Sophie; Seville Amelia; Simpkins Chloe;

group 11

Liang Hui; Lydon Alison; Ma Ruimin; Maddin Amy; Martayn Laura; Mather Katherine; Mikula Mark; Miller Sherryll;

Thursdays at 4

group 12

Rawat Sazia; Renshaw Dean; Reynolds Emily; Richards Amy; Robinson Jade; Robson Rebecca; Rogers Carla;

group 13

Hall Emily; Hewitt Danielle; Hibbert Matthew; Ho Henry Haey Yue; Hoban Victoria; Hoeben Mannaert Lara;

group 14

Hopkinson Henry; Houldin Lewis; Howells Laura; Howlett Philip; Huang Yuting; James Philippa; Jenkinson Emma;

group 15

Bird Rosanne; Boaler Hannah; Board Jessica; Boyd Georgina; Briggs Sarah; Brough Nikki; Brown Matthew; Ni Chleirigh Etain;

group 16

Frostick William; Gilks Eleanor; Gilliland Harriet; Granger Emma; Green Claire; Greenwood Keegan; Shah Sanjana;

Thursdays at 5

group 17

Neely Louisa; Ng Paisley; Tang Suet Long; Taylor Anna; Taylor Sean; Thomas Catherine;

group 18

Burns Stephanie; Lim Hwei Teing; Philip Caren; Trainer Alice; Van Antro Romy; Vashisht Laveen; Vedi Priyanka; Vernals Philippa;

group 19

Cheah Dao Yao; Kan Suet Long; Plender Abigail; Pluckwell Hayley; Pocock Amy; Poulton Robert; Povilaityte Gabija; Radford Rebecca; Ratcliffe Christopher;

group 20

Cheel Anna; Cherry Alexandra; Cheung Rosalinda; Clarke Emilia; Coelho Emma; Collins Jessica; Collinson Jenna; Colwell Rachel;

group 21

Walter Lauren; Weng Xiangdong; West Bethany; Wheatcroft Simon; White Catherine; Whitehouse Emily; Wilderspin Anna;

group 22

Budden Nicola; Burgess Laura; Forster Emma; Haddock Ione; Jennings Charlene; Jones James; Sukder Sing Geshwinder Kaur; Tee Kai Yee; Williams Eleanor; Wong Ashley Surin;

See the page Study Activities

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