Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

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Cognitive Neuroscience sits between two fields, cognitive psychology and neuroscience. It is a recent field born out the advent of cognitive neuropsychology with the advent of brain imaging. It is the study of how brain structures and processes mediate cognitive behaviour.

Cognitive neuropsychology began in the 1930s, however, more progress has been made in the last 20 years than most disciplines make in a lifetime of research.

There are four main objectives of Cognitive Neuroscience: 1)To understand how the mind is created by the brain and links between cognition and neuroscience 2)To build models of how the brain works 3)To establish which brain regions and circuits are involved i different tasks; which of these tasks are modular and what changes in the brain as a consequence of learning 4)To investigate brain imaging and activity produced during cognition

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