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Welcome to PSY242 wikipage. Like its predecessor, PSY241, this will be built by the (cyber) hands of its own students. With this in mind, remember that the information contributed on here may not be entirely accurate, objective, or reliable. But this is not to discourage you; rather, it is to encourage you to follow up on the input on here, to question the findings of others, and to strengthen and drive your own knowledge and inquisitiveness.

Good luck and happy building.

Topics and Discussion

Social Categorisation


Stereotype Threat

Reducing Prejudice I-III

The Self

The Group

Social Influence

Environmental Psychology I-III

Predicting Health Behaviour

Changing Health Behaviour

Implementation Intentions

Revision Lecture

Unofficial Practice Exam Questions

past exam questions from 2010/2011:

1. Choose one Health behaviour to which one can apply a social cognition model: (a) Explain the risks to health from performing or not performing this behaviour and (b) explain what research into this social cognition model tells us about changing this behaviour.

2. Can cognitive or personality factors explain prejudice?

3. "Psychological interventions have the best chance of changing health behaviour" Discuss.

4. "Attitudes are functional" Discuss.

5. When and why do people typically yield to majority group pressure?

6. Is crowd behaviour better understood in terms of the loss of personal identity or the expression of a shared social identity among crowd members?

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