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Tasks for introductory study group sessions (this page is on the wiki, so you can load it on your computer if you are struggling to read it on the overhead projection)

1. Find your group

  • if you are not here with your group, find out their names and write them an email
  • suggested email text: "since we didn't meet up today, Tom told me to send this email suggesting we meet next week. How about TIME at PLACE? To prepare for the study group we could each do TASK"

2. Check you all know how to log onto the wiki

  • why not try making an edit, just to check you can. Try this page: sandpit

3. Discuss the course so far and the introductory lecture

4. Think of ways in which a study group for PSY241 could help

  • a good way to do this is to think of activities that each person can do before meeting up, and which will bring something to the discussion you will have as a group.
    • eg each find a definition of a different key concept from the lecture, each read one of the optional readings, each think of one question they would like answering
  • if you cannot think of any ways maybe study groups are not for you

5. Arrange a time and place to meet next week, and a task for each person to do before the next meeting

  • if you are not here with your group, email them a suggested time and first preparatory activity

6. Sign the register

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